Lyme Defenses Outdoor Body Spray - Canine & Family-Friendly [118Ml]

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    Refreshing no-rinse fragrance spray suitable as an odor neutralizer, surface revitalizer and mood booster having moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Purposely formulated to enhance all your outdoor activities!

    A ‘must-have’ product for anyone who lives in a high-risk area for tick bites and Lyme disease. Great for both people and pets while hunting, hiking, camping and especially during all outdoor entertainment and sporting events.

    Primary ingredients provide a moisturizing, soothing base with a vibrant, clean, citrus aroma. The surfactant base ingredient is pH balanced to better adhere spray to skin, hair/fur for longer fragrance effectiveness.

    The emulsifiers/carrier solutions are used distribute essential oils throughout entire solution with each spray. Our ‘No-rinse’ formula is safe for direct use on skin, fur, clothing, or any surface treatment.

    Product is used with confidence that it will not harm your person, your dog or the environment and that it complies with Health Canada Directives for leave-on body/skin treatments. Product is ‘Lick-Safe’ having calculated safe daily oral intake rates based on body weight for actively grooming dogs (i.e. a 22 lbs / 10 kg dog could effectively ‘lick-off’ 5 mL of our spray in and still be within acceptable daily oral intake guidelines).

    Use plant-based essential oils that have been enjoyed for centuries by our Aboriginal peoples to 'bug BUGS'! **Not recommended for use on cats as they don't have the liver enzyme needed to break down certain essential oils.**

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